“My best Christmas in years.”

You are never too old to start the Guaifenesin protocol.  I was ill since childhood.  Doctors told Mom the leg pains were “growing pains”.  During my high school years I had a reprieve.  But at age 29 I was pregnant and experienced extreme fatigue.  At age 45 the fatigue worsened and “brain fog” set in.  By age 48, I experienced constant pain.   Fatigue and brain fog worsened.  I saw many doctors and a nutritionist while struggling to work and pay the medical bills.  Eventually I threw out thousands of dollars worth of supplements, none of which had helped.

In 1988, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  However, that didn’t mean there was help on the way, as I found out.  But in 2005 I learned about a dear lady named Lorna Searle who has fibromyalgia and was feeling well.  I had to have what she had.  So then and there I made a commitment.   That December I started the Guaifenesin.  My, how sick I got for 3 months but I stayed with it.

The following June I had seven hours of good sleep.  My fingernails were starting to grow.  Something good was happening.  In the ensuing days I started to do more household chores.  In September I fell and fractured my pelvis.  Thank God I already had 9 months of guaifenesin treatment.  It was at skilled nursing that I realized just how much it had helped me.  Lots of pelvic pain, but less fibromyalgia pain.

2006 was my best Christmas in 30 years.  I actually enjoyed it!  I used to dread holidays because my mind wanted to enjoy them but my body wouldn’t let me.

Those of you who are suffering, make the commitment.  We are here to help you as Lorna and another friend, Connie Tucker, did for me.  Their encouragement helped me stay on this protocol.  This is not a cure but you can have well days that will eventually run into weeks and months.  Thank God.”

Catherine Baratono, age 80 


Nick“I could only walk 50 yards…”

“I have walked about 6 miles so far and just passed another high mountain lake.  My goal today is Mt. Blanca (14,346).  This old jeep trail is the roughest in the state of Colorado.  A show room jeep Rubicon would never make it.  

By the end of the day, I will have walked for about 16 hours; not bad for someone with Fibromyalgia!  I never have to go through that part of my life again; a time when I could only walk 50 yards at a time.  I had pain in my legs all the time and the pain was spreading to other parts of my body.  Exhaustion was a lifestyle and I could sleep for 14 hours.  Depression and confusion were an everyday experience.  

Thanks to Guiafenesin and the St. Amand protocol, I can now do the things that I want. I’m within 500 feet of the top of Blanca, but I can’t make it today.  My dog, Ben, absolutely refuses to go another step!” 

 Nick Taylor, age 58      


Alexandra“Completely changed my life.”

“I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was twelve years old. My symptoms started mainly with fatigue, insomnia, and muscle pain. My doctors tried numerous medications throughout middle and high school in their attempt to treat my symptoms individually. This occasionally made me feel better, but only for a short amount of time. I remember going through long stretches of depression and that, topped with the fatigue that plagued me constantly left my enthusiasm for life low. I missed a lot of school and felt that the kids in school could not understand what I was going through.  The consequences were extremely stressful. My family and I did not know very much about fibromyalgia and we did not realize that all of my symptoms could be associated with the disease.

I was tested for many different illnesses; the frustration mounting every time another answer seemingly eluded us. A few of my family members thought that it was all in my head, which caused a lot of self-doubt. How could my problems be fixed if they could not be proven or justified?  Eventually, I had to resort to home schooling to graduate.  Around this time I became aware of the Fibromyalgia Support Group in my area and was introduced to the Guaifenesin Protocol.  This completely changed my life.  

Talking to others who shared my experience helped me to realize that I was not crazy.  It took about six months to really see a difference.  The curtain of fatigue and “fibro fog” has finally lifted and I am now beginning to enjoy life again. I was recently accepted into college and I feel extremely thankful that my disease isn’t running my life anymore and I am hopeful about my future.”  

Alexandra Borkowski, age 18 

"The guaifenesin protocol saved my life!"
After years of agonzing pain and fatigue and running from doctor to doctor I found Dr. St. Amand and the guai protocol. 

It was a miracle that I found him since I had made up my mind that if he couldn't help me the only other doctor I was going to see was Dr. Kevorkian! 

The "miracle" occured when I dialed the wrong phone number only to find that I had one of Dr. St. Amand's patients on the other end of the phone!  When she figured out that I had Fibromyalgia she exclaimed "This is the luckiest phone call you ever made in your whole life!"  She then proceeded to tell me about this doctor who had turned the disease around for her.
I was in Dr. St. Amand's office within 3 days.  The moment he began the "mapping" of my body I "knew he knew" what was going on with me and from that moment I knew I was in the right place and that I would and could get my life back. 
I did everything he told me to do by the letter from the correct dose of the guai to avoiding the salicylates and voila...within one week of beginning the treatment I began cycling and reversing the disease!  I kept putting one foot in front of the other until one day...no pain and no fatigue!
I owe my life to Dr St Amand and will continue to help people fight this disease until they too get to the other side as I have.

Rose, Andrea Rose Cosmetics    

“No more wheel chairs!” 
“After more than 10 years of being sidelined, I can ride a bike again, play golf, swim, jog, and even ride a horse.  No more wheelchairs when I go through airports!  After years of chronic pain and chronic fatigue, Dr. St. Amand’s simple solution made me well.  My life had been reduced to hurting, taking pills and trying to sleep.  Nothing worked.  Then the inexpensive Guaifenesin Protocol got rid of the pain and the fatigue.” 

Lorna Searle, age 70  (with her grandson, Michael)      


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